Semester Abroad in Taiwan: Results Released for Fall 2022

We are happy to welcome students from the U.S. to Taiwan for one semester abroad in the coming Fall semester. In addition, we are delighted to place students in the following programs (listed in alphabetical order):

LocationHost InstitutionHost Department
TaipeiNational Chengchi UniversityChinese Literature
TaipeiNational Chengchi UniversityDiplomacy
TaipeiNational Taiwan UniversitySociology
TaipeiNational Taiwan UniversityPolitical Science
TaipeiNational Taiwan UniversityElectronical Engineering
TaipeiNational Taiwan Normal UniversityTaiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature
New Taipei CityNational Taipei UniversityPublic Administration and Policy
TainanNational Cheng Kung UniversityAeronautics and Astronautics
KaohsiungWenzao Ursuline University of LanguagesInternational Studies